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Doing personal health research on an electronic health record system platform

I was doing some research yesterday about a medical question I had, and decided to schedule a checkup with my primary care physician. This made me think about how it would be interesting if when I did medical research, it was captured by an electronic health record system, perhaps to alert my doctor to connections between different issues I’m having and ones I’m researching, and so I could save the articles I found relevant and helpful. It would also be interesting on a meta level to look at what people are researching, and whether these are indicators of anything. It seems like it can only benefit electronic health record systems if more activity happens on their platform and they get to capture more data as a result. In exchange for doing research under the auspice of the platform, users benefit if their doctors are able to leverage that. They can also use it as a digital pinboard for

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Reflections on the third NYC Amazon Alexa Meetup: the challenge of designing apps that fully leverage a new paradigm

We recently held the third meeting of the NYC Amazon Alexa meetup ( I help organize the meetup, along with Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper, and Amit Jotwani, a senior evangelist at Amazon. If you’re interested in talking to other people who are excited or curious about Alexa, or want to learn about what kinds of things people are building for Alexa, please come by to one of our meetups sometime. I would love to see you there.

There are over 1000 public Alexa skills right now in the Alexa skill store, so it’s not a brand new platform. However, it seems that developers and companies exploring Alexa, while excited about the technology that powers Alexa and the ease of getting started, are still struggling to figure out how to use the platform in interesting ways.

I did not closely follow the early days of the Apple Store and Google Play so I’m not

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Hey! I’m Ruthie Nachmany.

I work at Warby Parker as a software engineer on our systems development team. Previously, I worked at Fundera and Publicis Kaplan Thaler and studied at Princeton. I’m passionate about helping people think about how to build new products, develop communities, and think about their personal and professional transitions. I help organize Sunrise Club, NYC Salon, the NYC Amazon Alexa meetup, the Princeton Association of NYC, and am always looking to get involved in new and interesting projects and to connect people with interesting opportunities. Reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more at ruthienachmany @

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